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Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris : Moral Importance In The Global Era

Moral Importance In The Global Era 

Your excellencies the committees

The honorable juries

Dear my friends who participate in this speech contest

My loving brothers and sisters 

First of all, all praises to allah who has given us in this life and guiden us always. Secondly sholawat and salutation, must be upon rasulullah muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam, his family, friends and followers. 

I am ulya fitriani, from mts nu al munawaroh lau dawe kudus, today I would like to deliver my speech about Moral Importance In The Global Era. 

Ladies and gentlemen

we have instagram right? and some of us have to talk at tik tok. We often see videos of young women wearing inappropriate clothes and dancing inappropriately. We also often hear the news about some teenagers consuming drugs. Teenagers to do free sex is also very common right now. It's ironic and pathetic, isn't it. 

How can something like that happen to our young generation? Now, let me ask you. is it the parent's fault? or the teachers, or the students themselves, or the sistem of education on this country? Well i think that all of them are responsible of this starting from the students the parents the teachers and the school. All of them have the responsibility to educate and to guide the students to be a good moral person. But in this occasion, I will emphasize on the role of Islamic school.   

Ladies and gentlemen

What is moral or morality actually? Morality is basicly the human attempt to define what is right and what is wrong. Our morality can be determined by many factors, but the environment in which we develop and grow definitely influence our morality. Therefore, our family our teachers, our friends at home, and our friends at school, will affect our moral development. 

the importance of morality in the modern era is to filter us from promiscuity, how to speak well, act politely and maintain religious norms in everyday life. 

Because in the modern era there is nothing that can prevent a person from doing whatever he wants. But with morals, humans will think and don't want to be careless. so this is where the importance of morals. 

Ladies and gentlemen 

Rasulullah said INNAMA BUISTU LITAMMIMA MAKARIMAL AKHLAK. Meaning: I was assigned to perfect the attitude. In accordance with the hadith, we are very lucky to be able to study in madrasas. In Islamic schools we learn faith and morals. we learn how to behave politely and we learn how to treat others with kindness. Like the behavior of the Prophet 

In addition, madrasah teachers are Islamic schools not only educating students academically. but also passionately guiding students and setting a good example, 

For that, let us be grateful and serious in studying the science of religion. So that we have good morals and be safe in the modern era from all bad influences. 

Ladies and gentlemen

I conclude the points of my speech. 

1.       First, the importance of morality in the modern era is as a rule and filter so that we know what is right and wrong.

2.       Second, as madrasah students we must be grateful to our teachers and be serious about studying religion.

3.       Third, most importantly, we must put these knowledge into practice so that we can apply it in our daily lives so that we are safe in this world and the hereafter. 

Ladies and gentlemen 

that's all my speech for today. thank you for your attention. to all the students let's learn islamic seriously, be the champion. and we'll keep on fighting till the end. Last I say. 

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi

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