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Speech Text: School role in Overcoming Moral Decadence

 Speech Text: School role in Overcoming Moral Decadence

Your excellencies the committees
The honorable juries
Dear my friends who participate in this speech contest
My loving brothers and sisters 

First of all all praises to allah who gives this life and guides us always. Secondly and salutation must be upon rasulullah muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam, his family, friends and followers. 

Iam ulya from mts nu al munawaroh lau dawe kudus, today i'd like to deliver my speech about the school role in overcoming moral decadence. 

Ladies and gentlemen we have instagram right and some of us have to talk at tik tok we often see videos of young women wearing inappropriate clothes and dancing inappropriately. 

We also often hear the news about some teenagers consuming drugs and before family at big cities people and teenagers going to pop is a common thing. Teenagers to free sex is also very common right now. It's ironic and pathetic, isn't it. How can something like that happen to our young generation no let me ask you is it the parent's fault foreign i keep watching their children or the school and the teachers fault for educating the students well are the students themselves fault. Well i think that all of them are responsible of this starting from the students the parents the teachers and the school all of them have the responsibility to educate and to guide the students to be a good moral person but in this occasion i will emphasize on the role of school 

Ladies and gentlemen

What is moral or morality actually? Morality is basically the human attempt to define what is right and what is wrong our morality can be determined by many factors but the environment in which we develop and grow definitely influence our morality 

Therefore our family our teachers our friends at home and our friends at school will affect our moral development. Then how can school affect, our moral? 

Ladies and gentlemen, school in arabic is madrasah which has the meaning the place for learners to learn school especially madrasah or islamic school is an important place for muslims to know allah rasulullah al-quran hadi's and to build us as the learners to have a good attitude to be afraid of allah and to follow rasulullah. 

Rasulullah said INNAMA BUISTU LITAMMIMA MAKARIMAL AKHLAK i was assigned to make the attitude perfect. Concert with the hadith in madrasah or islamic school we learned akira allah and daley by studying those subjects we learn how to behave politely and we learn how to treat other people with kindness respect compassion fairness and and humility. Just like the behavior of rasulullah 

Moreover the teachers of madrasah are islamic school to not only educate the students academically but they also passionately guide the students to have a good attitude to do good things to avoid bad things and sin. The teachers in madrasah or islamic school usually always keep watching on the development of their students, the teachers will advise the students if they do some mistakes. But what i said previously is the role of islamic school so what about public school. 

Public school also has some important subjects that can build students models such as citizenship religion subjects and also counseling besides our curriculum also emphasizes on characterizability. This is very crucial for either islamics or public school.

Another role that can be done by school is that school provides many extracurricular and activity that can develop student skill. the school motivates students to get achievement based on their patient by being busy doing extracurricular and joining some competitions the students will not have much time to do the negative activity. they use their time mostly on useful activities.

Ladies and gentlemen 

i will sum up my points school and madrasah to have roles in reforming students morality first through studying knowledge like akidah akhlak citizenship and applying those at real life the school the teachers and the students will be a person with good attitude 

Second school is a place for the students to not only learn about knowledge but also the place where their attitude and behavior albeit 

Third school provides many positive activities and motivates students to get achievement and so the time to do negativity can be minimized.

Ladies and gentlemen 

that's all my speech for today thank you for your attention and lastly thank to our teachers at cool for their scandals who make us become the person with good moral like we are today and to all the students let's address call seriously and be a champion the champion in goodness we are the champions my friends and we'll keep on fighting till the end we are the champions we are the champions no time for loser cause we are the champions of the world 

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi

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